BioMCN_purification_unit BioMCN supports ‘Night of the night’

On October 30th, the Dutch night will be darker than usual. The lighting on thousands of office buildings, church towers, bridges and monuments will be turned off, enabling people to see the beauty of the night and doing some good for the environment as well. BioMCN supports this initiative and has made some permanent changes in the lighting of its

BioMCN_-_3549_LR BioMCN opens largest 2nd generation biofuel plant

Today the Queen’s Commissioner of the Province of Groningen, Sir Max van den Berg, together with Rob Voncken, CEO of BioMCN, has officially opened the largest second generation biofuel plant in the world. With a production capacity of 250 million litres, BioMCN can immediately fulfil the entire Dutch biofuel obligation – a minimum of 4% blended into gasoline. Bio-methanol is

BioMCNs_Paul_Compagne BioMCN’s COO nominated for plant manager of the year

Paul Compagne is nominated for plant manager of the year, a competition initiated by Petrochem Magazine and the VNCI (the association for the Dutch chemical sector). They are looking for plant managers that have contributed to major improvements with regards to safety, health, environment and productivity. BioMCN thinks Paul definitely fits that description, as can be seen in this short

Alexander_Pechtold_in_BioMCN_Nissan_350Z Alexander Pechtold is driven by nature

Alexander Pechtold, chairman of Dutch political party D66, experienced first hand what it’s like to be ‘driven by nature’. During stage 2 of the ELE rally, he enjoyed the performance of BioMCN’s Nissan 350Z Flexfuel alongside well known race driver Kevin Abbring. BioMCN’s 350Z Flexfuel (running on M85, 85% bio-methanol and 15% gasoline) went on to finish 1st in its own category