Alexander_Pechtold_in_BioMCN_Nissan_350Z Alexander Pechtold is driven by nature

Alexander Pechtold, chairman of Dutch political party D66, experienced first hand what it’s like to be ‘driven by nature’. During stage 2 of the ELE rally, he enjoyed the performance of BioMCN’s Nissan 350Z Flexfuel alongside well known race driver Kevin Abbring. BioMCN’s 350Z Flexfuel (running on M85, 85% bio-methanol and 15% gasoline) went on to finish 1st in its own category

Nissan_350Z_FlexFuel 2010 Nissan 350Z Challenge first cup on bio-methanol

BioMCN is very pleased and proud to be cup sponsor and fuel supplier of the 350Z Challenge next season. This decision was enabled by the KNAF’s historic change in regulations of last October to allow M85 (85% bio-methanol, 15% gasoline) for the complete 350Z cup. BioMCN’s own Nissan 350Z FlexFuel has performed remarkably well last season (and will of course also participate in 2010).

WWF BioMCN nominated for Cleantech Star award

The Dutch division of the World Wildlife Fund, WNF, has presented a plan to the Dutch government to put The Netherlands in the global top 10 of clean technology companies. To accompany this ambitious plan, they have set up the Cleantech Star award. The WWF handpicked 20 companies they considered leading in this sector. After careful selection based on essays and

BioMCN_Nissan_350Z_FlexFuel Driving on bio-methanol: historic win and decision

The ‘Nederland Rally’ saw a unique winner of the Nissan 350Z Challenge: the FlexFuel version on BioMCN’s bio-methanol! Kevin Abbring and Wim Koeten, displaying terrific speed and moves, made motor sport history, being the first to win a Dutch rally in a biofuel-driven car. The overall ranking was an impressive 17th place, the fastest two-wheel drive car of the rally. The car is a project of