lotusdh049_klein Dutch Prime Minister driven by bio-methanol

After filling up the unique Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel with our bio-methanol, Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende and Minister of Transportation Eurlings, gladly took the opportunity to take the car for a spin around “Het Binnenhof” – the Dutch Houses of Parliament. The Lotus Exige was brought to The Netherlands to make its appearance at the ING Race Salon and Bavaria

dsc1222 BioMCN Runner-up in Responsible Care Competition

  The Competition Each year the Netherlands Chemical Industry Association (VNCI) organises a Responsible Care competition to recognise developments in health, safety and the environment in the processing industries. This year BioMCN was runner-up with its process to produce methanol from crude glycerine. Methanol is normally produced from natural gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel. The VNCI will submit BioMCN’s environmentally

start-up-pilot-plant BioMCN successfully produces bio-methanol

As of March 30th, 2008 BioMCN is successfully producing bio-methanol in its pilot plant at Delfzijl, The Netherlands.The 20 kton pilot plant was started up without any problems. The plant has been running consistently since. BioMCN is that confident about the process, that it already ordered all the necessary equipment for the first 200 kton unit earlier this year. Construction

mr_Doorn_and_mr_Voncken_congratulate_eachother BioMCN wins 2007 Bio-fuels Technology Innovation Award

Mr Doorn (left) and Mr Voncken congratulate each other upon receiving the 2007 Bio-fuels Innovation Award. During the Bio-fuels 2007 conference in Vienna the award for the largest contribution to new developments in the field of bio-fuels was presented to BioMCN from the Netherlands. BioMCN was chosen from a select group of international bio-fuels companies, because BioMCN offers an innovative