NTA8080 NTA8080 Certification for BioMCN

BioMCN is glad to announce its certification according to the EU recognized Voluntary scheme; NTA8080. The NTA8080 certification gives BioMCN the possibility to include a wide range of processing residues and wastes as feedstock for its production of second generation bio-methanol. By joining NTA8080, BioMCN has decided to anticipate the increasing GHG reduction demands by complying with NTA8080’s requirement of

IMG_9029 EU commissioner Mrs. Connie Hedegaard visits BioMCN

Today EU commissioner of Climate Action Mrs. Connie Hedegaard visited BioMCN. She showed special interest in BioMCN’s innovative developments of sustainable ‘green’ feed stocks for the production of bio-methanol. Together with partners BioMCN is developing projects that are capable of producing and processing biomass, woodchips, biogas, glycerin and carbon dioxide as a feedstock. BioMCN is the first company in the

20140811-Luchtfoto-via-PH-150x150 Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. established out of BioMCN

As from September 1st, 2014 Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. is operating as a separate company.  Dutch Glycerin focuses on refining and marketing high quality glycerin to the technical, personal care and detergent market segments. The business was established by a legal demerger from  Bio-methanol Chemie Nederland B.V. The refinery with a total refining capacity of 200.000 mt was built in 2009, and the increased demand

BioMCN_fabriek-5647 Maintenance shutdown successfully

Maintenance shutdown methanol plant successfully completed. The M1 methanol plant restarted production after a successful maintenance shutdown in November. The plant is currently producing methanol and bio-methanol at nameplate capacity.