BioMCN’s 10 year anniversary, 2006-2016!

Time for celebration: BioMCN turns 10!

BioMCN was established 10 years ago, in October 2006.

That year, BioMCN took over the shuttered former Methanor methanol plant in Delfzijl, and supported by former Methanor employees, one of the plants 2 production trains, the M1, was restarted.

A few years later, in 2009, Dutch private equity investor Waterland became a strategic shareholder and helped grow the business and gain a strong market position. In addition to the production of gray methanol, BioMCN has always focused on the production of bio-methanol. Initially, the bio-methanol was produced based on glycerin as an important feedstock; a very innovative production process. However, in 2013, this was terminated for both technical and economical reasons. Since then, bio-methanol has been produced based on green gas from the Dutch market, and we continue to explore new and innovative ways to produce bio-methanol.

As there were no longer synergies between the glycerin refining and methanol production, the two activities were separated into two independent operating companies: Dutch Glycerin Refinery (DGR) and BioMCN. This split was executed in July 2014, and a year later, in July 2015, BioMCN and its methanol business was acquired by OCI N.V., a group of companies listed on the Dutch stock exchange with fertilizer and methanol production facilities in the Netherlands, USA, Egypt and Algeria.

This year, OCI has invested significantly in BioMCN, and the plant has successfully completed the most comprehensive maintenance turn-around in its history. The plant is ready for the future.

We celebrate our achievements in the past 10 years, and look with optimism to a green future:

We strongly believe that BioMCN and bio-methanol from sustainable waste sources can play an important role in the circular economy of the future and help the decarbonization of transportation.​