Energy diner Danish Embassy
Søren Jacobsen Managing Director BioMCN (l) & Ole Moesby Danish Ambassador (r)

On Tuesday September 27 BioMCN together with the Danish Embassy in the Netherlands have organized an ‘Energy Dinner’. The Danish Ambassador, Mr. Ole Moesby, was the host of the dinner. The invitees including representatives from the Danish and Dutch authorities, Dutch Members of Parliament and Dutch industry associations. A representative from the Danish Energy Agency presented the Danish government’s policies and initiatives to promote the use of advanced biofuels  in road transportation in Denmark.

In Denmark, policies are already in place to stimulate the use of biofuels beyond the year 2020, with support from left and right of the political spectrum, from environmental NGOs and from the oil industry. This was followed by a discussion of what role biofuels should play in the future energy mix and the circular economy in the Netherlands. We also discussed what could be done here to encourage investment in and use of advanced biofuels in both road and marine transportation; for example a blending mandate for advanced biofuels in road transport, and an opt-in scheme for marine fuels similar to the existing scheme for aviation fuels.

Picture: Søren Jacobsen Managing Director BioMCN (l) & Ole Moesby Danish Ambassador (r)