BioMCN will produce renewable methanol from green hydrogen supplied by Dutch gas infrastructure company Gasunie and Nouryon, the former AkzoNobel subsidiary said on Tuesday. Nouryon and Gasunie are in the process of investigating the possible conversion of sustainable electricity into green hydrogen using a 20-megawatt water electrolysis unit in Delfzijl, Netherlands. BioMCN will combine hydrogen from the intended facility, a

dag van de chemie Chemistry Day (Dag van de Chemie)

Saturday, October 6 was the Chemistry Day. This event is an initiative of the VNCI (Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry) in which some Chemical Parks in the Netherlands open their doors to the public. The Chemical Park Delfzijl (CPD) also opened its doors and the participating companies of the CPD were jointly represented in a stand. BioMCN was one

Visit Esther de Lange Working visit by Mrs. Esther de Lange (MEP)

Today, an EU delegation headed by Mrs. Esther de Lange (MEP) visited the province of Groningen, accompanied by Provincial-Executive, Mr Patrick Brouns. Mrs de Lange, a member of the Dutch CDA party, has been a member of the European Parliament since 2007. The theme was Green Chemistry & Digitalization in the Province of Groningen. The tour included a visit to

Paul 1 BioMCN is the winner of the national Enlightenmentz election

After winning the Northern Enlightenmentz election BioMCN has won the national Enlightenmentz election.  The national Enlightenmentz election is an initiative to promote sustainable innovations. BioMCN converts green CO2 with green hydrogen to bio-methanol.