Driven to produce bio-methanol


We aim to:

  • Enable the least-cost, most environmentally friendly biofuel mix, with a network of biofuel production chains, conversion technologies, and choice of biomass feedstock;
  • Contribute substantially with our technology to the main drivers for the further development and use of biofuels: dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing security of supply, while avoiding negative socio-economic effects, especially those affecting food production and land use;
  • Obtain a substantial share of biofuels in transportation fuels in the EU and elsewhere in the world.

BioMCN is producing high quality bio-methanol from renewable resources on an industrial scale. Bio-methanol is chemically identical to regular methanol and meets the international specifications published by the IMPCA (the International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association).

In order to ensure sustainability, we use renewable feedstock exclusively derived from organic waste materials and crops other than those used for food consumption. Furthermore we are investigating the feasibility to produce sustainable methanol from CO2 extracted from the atmosphere. Both national and European policies encourage the use of renewable fuel in petrol and diesel. According to the targets set in the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED), 10% of the energy value of transportation fuels must consist of biofuel by 2020. The RED also sets targets for minimum levels of CO2 emission reduction and the sustainability of feedstock used to make biofuels. In other parts of the world targets for reducing CO2 emissions and using more renewable fuels are also being set. We intend to make an important contribution to meeting these targets.