ReachNew European chemical substances legislation – known as REACH – applies to all companies that manufacture, import and use chemicals in the European Union. It is designed to enhance the protection of human health and the environment by increasing common knowledge about hazards posed by chemical substances and by assessing the risks of handling and using such substances.

REACH shifts the burden of proof for demonstrating the safe use of chemicals from EU member states to businesses. Part of the registration will involve sharing information up and down the supply chain. We acknowledge its importance and aim to ensure that we and all of our suppliers fully comply with it.

Manufacturers and importers must carry out a risk assessment of all intended uses of a chemical, and downstream users are required to notify the manufacturers/ importers of all of the ways in which they intend to use the chemical. As a result, only registered uses of a substance will be considered legal.

BioMCN has registered for methanol (REACH number: 01-2119433307-44).

BioMCN is a member of the Methanol REACH consortium for a joint REACH registration.

Any queries about BioMCN’s REACH registration and policy can be send to