Driven by nature

BioMCN is the first company in the world to produce and sell industrial quantities of high quality bio-methanol, a new 2nd generation biofuel. Our unique and innovative processes converts bio feed stocks like bio-gas, as well as other feedstocks, into bio-methanol, thus using its full energy potential and achieving substantial reductions in CO2 emissions.

Bio-methanol is an extremely versatile product, either as a fuel in its own right or as a feedstock for other biofuels.

Our bio-methanol offers petrochemical companies an attractive and viable solution in their quest for more sustainable 2nd generation biofuels. And, because bio-methanol is chemically identical to regular methanol, it is perfectly suited to produce green alternatives of existing applications for the construction and automotive industry as well.

BioMCN is making a substantial contribution to the development and use of better biofuels. Bio-methanol dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and avoids the social and environmental issues sometimes associated with biofuels.


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